I do love showers a lot and here are some pictures of my favourite shower heads. I think it is very important to have a good shower and good water flow and these shower heads have both of those things.

shower 4

shower 3



For most people, hearing the word ‘shower” brings back memories of waking up late, rushing to get a quick shower before running out of the house for school. Thankfully those days are over (for most of us at least), these days I look at showering with a lot less angst than I used to. Now I look forward to my 10 minute shower as a way of resetting my internal clock to zero. Whether it’s a hot shower after a long day at work, or a cold shower to get me pumped for the day ahead; showers help ease me into the next step for the day. Nowadays I am surprised to admit that I have quite come to love my showers for more reason than one.

Showering allows me to reflect on where I am in life and organise my thoughts. There is nothing like stepping into a hot shower with steam engulfing me completely. I take in deep breaths and eventually start to feel a sense of calm. When the first drop of water hits me, I spend the first minute reveling in the warm water and breathing in the air. By the time I start lathering up, my mind starts to wander about the tasks I have ahead today and I start to prioritise the actions to complete first.Occasionally I do have to catch myself as I tend to get carried away with my thoughts and lose track of time. However I look forward to waking up and taking these showers as it helps me to put things in perspective and calm my fears. By the time I step out of the shower I tend to have a clear idea of what I need to knock off my to-do-list. On those days when I have to rush out without taking a shower it feels as if something is missing, unfortunately this feeling can carry on throughout the day. Spending the time to get a proper shower in the morning helps set me up for success during the day.

If you are like me, I like to treat myself to a shower after a long day at work or after exercising. It almost feels like I am washing away all my past dirt, both literally and mentally. I forget about all the stresses of the day and refocus on what is most important right now, rest. Typically my end of day showers are a precursor to my evening routine where I bathe, eat, watch TV, brush my teeth then reflect on my accomplishments for the day. It signals the start of my “recovery” period so to speak. Aside from its role in my routine, there is a lovely feeling of being clean that improves my mood. I don’t know about you but whenever I am hot and sweaty I tend to be grouchy and miserable. When you have showered and freshened up, subconsciously that feeling of being clean makes you feel good about yourself which in turn positively impacts your mood. Another reason I love showering is because it helps me to fall asleep like a baby. I have noticed that nothing helps me to fall asleep as quickly as taking a nice hot shower and jumping right it bed. There is something about showering that seems to affect my blood or air circulation, I don’t know the science behind it but it definitely does the trick. When I wake up the next morning I always feel completed rested and refreshed, ready to take on life’s challenges.

The next time you hop in the shower take the time to truly enjoy it instead of rushing to get over with it.  Take deep breaths and relax your mind, then tell me whether or not you can tell the difference. Showering whether with hot or cold water has numerous benefits for your body, have you experienced any of the awesome benefits of showering that you would like to share?