Woodgrain and Coloured Window Choices

Over the last few years the appeal of coloured as well as woodgrain impact doors and windows has been boosting. Property owners now have the excellent possibility to add a dash of colour to their home. But what colour is ideal for you?

Gloss White

Gloss white is what we call fundamental white home windows We do this to distinguish it in between our White woodgrain options.

White Woodgrain effect windows

White woodgrain is one of our more popular colours. We offer this as common on our Stature and Rustique windows. Grained on both sides of the account, our common offering does not consist of gloss white on the within. We likewise have white woodgrain available on our Solidor composite doors in addition to our uPVC and also patio doors. White woodgrain is likewise readily available in our Tilt and also Transform windows.

Cream Woodgrain result windows.

Our series of Lotion coloured doors and windows come in our Reputation and also Rustique ranges also. Both ranges have the alternative to have lotion woodgrain both sides or cream woodgrain outdoors as well as white within. For our Status range this will certainly be white woodgrain and also for Rustique it will certainly be gloss white. Compound doors, uPVC doors as well as Patio doors are additionally offered in lotion.

Chartwell Environment-friendly

Chartwell Eco-friendly coloured doors and windows are just one of our preferred colours. Our Chartwell Green option is readily available as common with white on the inside. Once again with our Status array this is White woodgrain as well as with Rustique its Gloss white. Every one of our Prestige heritage windows and doors and also our Rustique doors and windows are readily available in Chartwell Green on white.

Anthracite Grey

Anthracite grey coloured doors and windows are preferred. Our variety of Anthracite grey doors and windows began with our System 10 range. System 10 helps offer the Anthracite grey windows and doors a much more modern-day look and feel. Because Anthracite grey is so prominent we have now added it to our Reputation Collection colour range. For both System 10 and Status, the profiles are white interior as standard. Gloss white for System 10 and also White woodgrain for Prestige. Anthracite grey both sides are additionally offered for our composite doors and as a unique for whatever else.

Schwarzbraun (Black).

For window and door accounts, you do not have the alternative of jet black. Instead, you have Schwarzbraun. Schwarzbraun Black is offered in our Prestige and Rustique home windows with white inside (White timber for Eminence and Gloss white for Rustique). Schwarzbraun black is likewise readily available on our composite doors so it matches the framework when needed.

Irish Oak woodgrain impact windows.

Irish Oak is probably among our most preferred woodgrain result window colours. It has a classy look and actually enters into its very own when used with our Wood Look Joints. The sensible woodgrain gives the doors and windows a conventional and also all-natural look. Irish Oak is readily available on our Prestige Collection and our Rustique windows and doors as standard.

Golden Oak woodgrain impact home windows.

Woodgrain result windowsGolden Oak has a couple of different names depending upon the installer. Below at Aztec we refer to it as Cherrywood however it’s still the same. Golden Oak has actually been available on uPVC windows for a long period of time as well as for a very long time it was among just 3 colours offered in addition to Mahogany as well as White. We connect Golden Oak woodgrain impact with uPVC windows. Golden Oak enters its very own with flush sashes such as our Reputation Collection or actually with any type of uPVC home window made using Lumber Look Joints. Golden Oak is readily available on all of our uPVC items and our Beginning aluminium bi-fold doors and Solidor Compound doors. It is also readily available with white inside either gloss white or white wood for our Stature Collection.

Rosewood woodgrain impact windows.

Aztec presented Rosewood woodgrain impact windows right into its product array in the late 90s as a substitute for the dated Mahogany surface. While maintaining the exact same dark brownish base colour, Rosewood presented a more thorough grain pattern giving it a more reasonable stained timber look. While the Rosewood finish is well connected with uPVC home windows, it tackles a different look when made use of with Wood Look Joints. Rosewood is readily available across our uPVC doors and window range and is available with white inside (white woodgrain for our Eminence Collection).

Agate Grey (Painswick).

Agate Grey is an incredibly popular colour as well as can occasionally be described as Painswick. Aztec introduced Agate Grey into our product range in 2013 when we released the Reputation Collection. Ever since its most popular mix is with a white woodgrain coating on the within. Agate grey is currently one of our most preferred colours and also is available in our Rustique account as well with a gloss white coating to the within.

Walnut woodgrain impact windows.

Aztec introduced Walnut woodgrain impact home windows right into our colour range in 2016 when we introduced Reputation 2. It replaced a similar colour we were using called Siena. Walnut is a comparable woodgrain to Rosewood although the grain pattern is extra sensible. Walnut is just available as standard on our Reputation Collection doors and windows with a white woodgrain inside but can be specified as a special order on all our uPVC doors and windows.

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