What Are Dormers?

A dormer window is a vertical window that sits within the slope of a pitched roof. It is distinguished by having a little angled roof of its own, which juts out from the rest of the home. They are traditionally associated with homes but can be customised to look remarkable on duration and modern homes of all kinds. Here’s whatever you might need to know.

The ideal positioning

When creating a dormer, positioning and percentage are whatever. The perfect dormer (and, as such, the dormer window) lies simply less than halfway up the pitch of the roofing system, and need to be proportionate to the size of the roofing system and detect the designs used throughout the remainder of the structure. The dormer window must show the design of the house and match the other windows. If the primary windows have glazing bars, the dormer windows ought to also feature glazing bars; if the primary window frames are finished with an English Oak wood grain, then the dormer windows need to have the same surface. This will ensure the dormer mixes beautifully with the property rather than standing apart for the wrong reasons.

Window shape

When picking a window for your dormer, a good approach is to take a look at the shapes that are already present in your home’s design and duplicate these with the windows. If you live in a Georgian-style property with lots of balanced lines and straight edges, then a square or rectangle-shaped dormer is most likely best. However, if your house has curves or uncommon architectural shapes, then you may like to fit an arched dormer or one that duplicates the unique angles of your residential or commercial property. The exact same chooses performance – if tilt-and-turn windows or sash windows are used throughout the rest of the house, then you may like to fit them in the dormer for consistency of design. Ultimately, similar to any extension or conversion, the aim is to make the new dormer windows look like a natural extension of the existing ones.

Planning Permission

It is extremely likely that you will need to get preparing permission prior to you can build a dormer in your house as it is an extension of your property. This will definitely hold true if your house is located within a sanctuary, as there will be development rules in place.

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